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The Turn 10 Art Teams provide a state of the art, authentic visual experience across multiple game titles. From 2D concept art to modelling and animation, we provide the vehicles, environments, and characters that make up our games. Along with Lighting, Animation and Visual FX, the Art Teams come together to create an incredible world to support the amazing gameplay.

on the Art Team

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Art Team

"I get to work with a team of crazy talented individuals and we come together to make things that are bigger and more impactful than we could make on our own. I’m always impressed by the care and dedication with which they do their work."


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The Media Team is a mixed group of video and graphic experts assisted by production management, who strive to create the world’s best video trailers and content to engage our fans. We provide the assets for Turn 10 and Xbox Marketing teams to help them sell our products as well as crafting every bit of external facing media – whether a broadcast package for esports or social media campaign support.

on the Media Team

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Media Team

"Working in engine gives us a huge amount of control to create cinematic moments and push the boundaries of our own playbook."

Media Production

Turn 10 thrives on pushing boundaries driven by data and passion - it’s no surprise that we all benefit from each other’s expertise. Many studios outsource their media and we do it all in house! How cool is that?

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The Audio Team is responsible for delivering world class interactive audio experiences to our players. From roaring engines, screeching tires, and bone shaking collisions to subtle ambient sounds, emotive musical scores and voice over, the Audio Team immerses the player in the worlds we create using the latest spatial audio and surround sound technologies.

Mesh audio

on the Audio Team

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Audio Team

"It's a pleasure to work with a team that sees challenges as opportunities to do something that we couldn't before and to help bring life to the world we create through sound."