Scaling great heights

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What I love about production is that it allows me to work directly with a team of brilliant, passionate, experts in their respective fields.

Brenden works as a Senior Producer within Mobile Publishing, collaborating closely with internal and external teams to bring Forza Street to life and extend the franchise to a new audience. Outside of Turn 10, Brenden can be found burying himself in his love of film – both watching it and debating it. His passion for cinema helps lend him an eye for a level of detail and analysis that is essential for creating meaningful game experiences.

Outside of work, what is something you do that says the most about you as a person?

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What, in your opinion, do you feel are some of the Studio’s main traits or values?

"Respect is a core value I’ve observed from the studio. It’s very much a place that recognizes that its success relies entirely on the success of teams and individuals. It’s wonderful to see teams, even when they disagree, listening with interest and empathy to a variety of ideas and voices.

We’re all in this because we love games and have our own drives, but it’s important to be where hard work is recognized and appreciated."