Chasing the thrills

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We make amazing, authentic games that celebrate an authentic love of cars, gaming and culture, and I've come to realize the studio really does want us to bring our authentic selves to work. That last part has been a journey, but it's been a good journey.

As a Senior Engineer, Katrin works alongside the folks at Playground Games to delight players with engaging and accessible content. She’s driven by the adrenaline of seeing her team’s hard work being presented on the big stage – but also supplements those moments after work with the high-speed excitement of flying planes, riding motorcycles, and downhill skiing.

What is something that you’ve achieved outside of work that you’d like to highlight?

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Why did you choose to work for Turn 10?

"As an internal Microsoft hire who'd worked on the Xbox platform team previously, I knew the kinds of corporate culture, priorities and leadership principles that the studio would be operating under, and that is something I've really come to value about Microsoft as a whole. Plus, shiny cars. Forza Motorsport 4 got me into cars and IRL track days, and Forza Horizon showed me my new favourite genre of car game. Getting to work at Turn 10 - and work with Playground Games - with an amazing team of engineers in the Xbox studios organization and culture, was basically a dream job for me.

Also, seriously, I often choose to walk through the front door even though the side door is closer to where I park, just because I really do like the shiny cars in the lobby. It's like a Zen moment that sets a good tone for the morning."