Growing together

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It’s the people and the passion that make me excited to show up for work every morning, and the stability and faith in the leadership that make me feel like this will be my home for the foreseeable future.

Madi is a Producer on the Mobile Publishing team, working on projects throughout the Studio that aim to celebrate our employees and fans around the world. Her excitement for hands-on problem-solving extends beyond Turn 10 to everything from bouldering and gardening to tinkering with a variety of physical and digital pursuits. She strives to continuously build and better herself, her teammates, and everything she takes on.

What do you feel has been one of your biggest successes at Turn 10 to date?

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What are you incredibly passionate about that you love sharing?

"VR is a medium that I was introduced to during university and it has changed the course of my life immensely. It influenced my study of neuroscience and computer science, led me to join a student organization where I met many of my closest friends, and became an outlet for the artistic, technical, and mentorship skills that filled my portfolio and helped me land the job here at Turn 10.

I was also able to combine my passion for VR and video games to help found and run a collegiate esports league, which I continue to oversee on the weekends. It’s such a blast to be able to share my excitement with others and see people’s first-time reactions to the technology - it’s one of the closest things you can get to real-life magic."