Going the distance

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I’ve been a gearhead since I was a teenager growing up in California. Being able to work every day with a subject matter I care so deeply about, means I never have to go to work, I get to go to work.

Tim brings an extensive amount of creativity and automotive expertise to his team each day as an Art Director for Mobile Publishing. Whether he is onsite at major racing events, leading projects within the Studio, or taking his own car to the track, he is inspired by the care and dedication of those around him to make things bigger and more impactful.

What is the coolest thing on your desk at work?

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Outside of work, what is something you do that says the most about you as a person?

"I enjoy hiking and being outside but I recently started running. I have a love/hate relationship with running - I do it because it’s good for me and forces me to do something that makes me uncomfortable. I’m not fast when I run but the act of doing it day-in and day-out, rain or shine, helps me when I need to focus on tasks or problems that are hard. It gives me the confidence to just put one foot in front of the other until I’m done.

Beyond making games, I’m also very passionate about detailing cars. The experience of starting with a dirty car and within a few hours ending up with a clean car is very satisfying. In my day job, I work on a team and contribute to the success of the project over the course of months or years. Being able to finish something all by myself is both gratifying and a great way to get off of my computer and use my hands."